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Registered Trademarks

Trademark Owner
Anapact Cablec
Corflex Canada Wire & Cable
Durasheath Cablec
Exane Delta Surprenant Division
Exelene Canada Wire & Cable
FEP DuPont
Flame Arrest Belden
Flame Guard Cablec
Flamenol Thermolink
Firex Canada Wire & Cable
Halar Ausimont
Hypalon DuPont
Integraflame Cablec
Kynar Penwalt
Mylar DuPont
NEC Nat’l Fire Protection Assn.
Neoprene DuPont
Nordell DuPont
Paracril Uniroyal
Perfect-A-Flex Delta Surprenant
Solef Soltex
TFE DuPont
Teflon DuPont
U.L. Underwriters Laboratories
Unicon Cablec
Unishield Cablec
Vulkaflex Thermolink
Vulkene Thermolink
Zetabon Dow Chemical

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