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The New IEWC.com: Welcome to the Future

marzo 28, 2017

Dear Valued Partners -

It thrills me to announce the official launch of the new IEWC.com! Take a look and experience the enhancements that were designed to make your lives easier!

For 54 years IEWC has made it our business to know what it’s like to walk in the shoes of our customers. While those shoes look a lot different than they did in 1963, our vision has never changed. Our goal has always been to develop an intimate knowledge of what our customers need to excel at their job and then create a business that solves those needs better and quicker than anyone else.

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Hot Wire

Uncertainty and Opportunity in Mexico

abril 27, 2017

UNCERTAINTY HAS SURROUNDED the Mexican economy since before the US presidential election. Talks of keeping manufacturing jobs from moving from the US to Mexico, renegotiating trade deals, and building a border wall have already had impacts on industries and companies with ties to Mexico.

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IEWC Product Helps Win Collegiate Competition

julio 5, 2016

From May 2nd to May 5th Waterloo Hybrid, a motorsports team composed of students from the University of Waterloo, competed in the SAE Formula Hybrid competition. The competition is a design and engineering challenge for undergraduate and graduate students in which they must design, build and compete in a single-seat racecar. The racecar must be both innovative and sustainable in a high-performance application.

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Press Releases

IEWC Announces Addition of C2G to Broadcast & AV Catalog

octubre 17, 2016

IEWC announces an expansion to its Broadcast & AV product offering with the addition of C2G’s complete line of products. C2G, a Legrand brand, is a global leader in high quality cable and connectivity solutions. They routinely diversify and expand their product offering to address market needs, ensuring their customers are able to keep pace with the advancements in connectivity technology.

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