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Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Solutions

Products and services to solve your high voltage system challenges for electric and hybrid vehicles.


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COVID-19 Takes Commodity Prices on a Roller Coaster Ride

agosto 24, 2020

Leaving few stones unturned, COVID-19 has changed both the economy and our very way of life. Commodity prices are no exception. Why did commodity prices react as they did this year, and how can we use those clues to help us ascertain what the future holds?

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Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Solutions

septiembre 26, 2019

By leveraging our longtime partnerships with automotive wire and cable suppliers, as well as adding exclusive partnerships with the world’s leading providers of high voltage cables for electric vehicles, IEWC is able to provide the most comprehensive array of supply and logistics solutions for both manufacturers and subsidiaries in the the rapidly developing EV and hybrid vehicle market.

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