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Now Stocking Over 250 Techflex Products in North America

The demands on manufacturers are always increasing. Not only do your customers expect higher quality, but they want it at a lower cost with faster delivery time. That's why IEWC is committed to simplifying your supply chain by increasing stock on wire management products. That way, you can get the trusted product you need with the shortest possible wait.

IEWC has partnered with Techflex, the industry leader in braided sleeving solutions, to bring you over 250 stocked items at 12 of IEWC’s North American locations. This includes Flexo PET & Flexo Flame Retardant braided sleeving from Techflex. These two products work for a wide variety of applications and temperature ranges.

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  • The New IEWC.com: Welcome to the Future

    marzo 28, 2017

    Dear Valued Partners -

    It thrills me to announce the official launch of the new IEWC.com! Take a look and experience the enhancements that were designed to make your lives easier!

    For 54 years IEWC has made it our business to know what it’s like to walk in the shoes of our customers. While those shoes look a lot different than they did in 1963, our vision has never changed. Our goal has always been to develop an intimate knowledge of what our customers need to excel at their job and then create a business that solves those needs better and quicker than anyone else.

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